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GL.iNet 6416 Mini WiFi Router Latest OPENWRT firmware Download

GL.iNet is the smallest smart router in the world, with Customized OpenWrt system, you can use various software extensions. Newly designed easy to use web interface; directly control your router via ios and android app.Serial port soldered on board, perfect for DIY users and openwrt learners. With uboot kenrel, compatible TP-Link WR703N firmware! Include 1 TTL port!


How to upload firmware to GL.iNet 6416 in uboot?

Pre-requisites : 

LAN/RJ-45 cable (u don’t want to flash your router wirelessly huh!!)

WinRAR or 7Zip or any other software to extract the files.

Steps : 

  1. Connect only one cable to your router, and leave the other unplugged.
  2. First, press and hold the Reset button firmly; then power on your device.
  3. Set your computer's IP address to
  4. User Firefox or Chrome to visit
  5. Click on appropriate options as shown above and select upload bin fine and click on OK Wait for 2-3 minutes, router will auto restart Just wait n watch you’ll have the English interface in front of you.
  6. Do NOT turn off the power or remove the Ethernet cable during the upgrade process.

GL.iNet 6416 OPENWRT Firmware download

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