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Coov N200 USB Wireless Controller Converter Latest Firmware download

COOV N200 for Nintendo Switch Controller Converter is here to buy for everyone of you want to use PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 Wireless/Wired Controller on  Switch consoles. Yes, it is supporting different video game Console's controllers to Nintendo Switch and the Motion Sensing, Vibration function at the same time. Plus, you can use it in 2 modes of Switch, TV MODE and HANDHELD MODE.

So all of them can have a good gaming experience while using these classic game controller to play games on Nintendo Switch.


Change log (v5.2):


Fix the edge while playing a state of BUG
Key detection optimization
Low battery indicator


1. Support four groups of independent configuration of real-time switching: V5.0 firmware can save 4 groups of configuration, start loading default configuration of the first group. Inter-group configuration does not interfere with each other, you can use the HOME + LB or HOME + RB fast switch. Switching, there will be LED (red, green, blue, yellow) and vibration tips
2. Support Android system (mobile phone, tablet, TV box)
3. Support by closing the linear to enhance even strokes recording time
4. Increase the linear level (key process) Custom: adjust the left and right joysticks and left and right triggers linear level, each with seven stalls, the key process as follows: 100%, 80%, 66%, 50%, 25% , 12%, 1%. 100% of the key stroke is equivalent to the linear open state, 1% key stroke is equivalent to the linear closure.
5. A key trick: Up to 10 groups can be recorded, the shortest recordable single-group 2.5 seconds, the longest record of a single group can be more than one hour. In addition, multi-cascade connection is supported. When the recorded data exceeds the length of a single group, the idle group cascade is automatically used. In this mode, continuous recording can be performed for 25 seconds even if the joystick is turned continuously (linearly on).
6. Use the key lock + even strokes function infinite loop, lift the key lock will immediately stop the loop
7. Optimize the vibration of the pro handle support

Coov N200 Latest Firmware Download

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