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It is saving buy new orange button Sky3ds + card Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL?


Can we use Orange button Sky3ds+ on 3DS/3DS XL 10.3?

Yes, sky3ds+ as the second generation product of sky3ds company, it works on 3ds, 3ds xl and new 3ds consoles as well as the blue sky3ds card. And of course, sky3ds plus supports 3ds 10.3 too, you are free and save to use orange button sky3ds+ card on 3DS/3DS XL 10.3.0-28 hand-held. Here is a video on Sky3ds+ Plus supports NEW 3DS 10.3.0-38J directly, you can watch. No problem and Support 3DS Games such as Monster Hunter X, Fire Emblem If and so on.

Is there any possibility of getting Ban via using the Sky3ds+ to play 3DS Games?

It should never be a problem for you if you don’t go online game with public game header. Sky3ds+ differ from blue sky3ds card in 3ds game compatibility, two orange buttons, homebrew and firmware supporting. But Sky3d+ with the Gamelist.bin file similar as the blue sky3ds Template file. The two files depend what 3ds game Sky3ds card can run and the way you play online game. For 1 year using, Blus Sky3ds card users never report ban issues except the online playing Ban. So you can do everthing when using the Sky3ds+ card, playing downloaded 3ds games, run homebrews or access eshop to download sth, but if you want to play 3ds games online, be careful!

Whether or not buy 3ds card Sky3ds+ to play Free 3DS Games?

Yes, i think for most of you, 3ds card is a Big Help to your 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS game machine. Why? The main reason is that paying for around 98 dollars, you guys can play Almost ALL 3DS Games for now and in future. Money Saving and wise choice!

Reason 1:  No 3DS Game limits

Sky3ds+ solves AP Check issue and can run the newly Released 3DS Games Fire Emblem If , Monster Hunter X ,Animal crossing home designer and more without problems. So buy Sky3ds plus card, you can play all 3ds games sky3ds supports and all 3ds games sky3ds doesn’t support. One card for nearly ALL 3DS Games.

Reason 2:  Supports free Games as well as Homebrews

Finally, Sky3ds+ card supports Homebrews on the cardself. We are no longer to install 3ds homebrew launcher with Sky3ds card together for homebrew software and games. Sky3ds+ Plus is compatible with Homebrews, means GBA/SNES and other emulators can be supported as well.

Reason 3: More fexiable to change 3DS Games

Sky 3ds+ with 2 buttons. Blue sky3ds card has only one button to switch to the next game always, but Sky3ds+ supports 2 button using. One for going to the next game and the other is for backing to the last game. Sky3ds plus card is more convenient to play than before.

Reason 4: More Easier to use

Setup sky3ds+ card is much easier. No need for diskwriter tool any more, no flashing game process at the same time. We can copy and paste the 3DS Roms into the micro sd card directly.