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How to update firmware on U-Boot ?

(PDF user manual Download for MT7620A router)

You can't flash non Router's firmware directly using Router's own web interface, because of the hardware version check. But you can use U-boot's web interface. Here is a simple guidance.

1. Connect your computer to the LAN port using RJ45 Ethernet cable. Leave the other port unconnected.

2. While pressing the RESET button, power on the device. You will see the BLUE LED flashing.

3. Hold the RESET button until the BLUE LED flash 2-3 times, release your finger now.

4. Change your computer' s IP address to manually netmask E.g. in Windows 7/8/10, refer the attached picture to set your IP.


5. Visit using your browser, you will see the Breed WEB.


6. Click “Choose File”, choose your own firmware, then click “Upload”, and then wait unit your new system boot up.

AS the picture shows:

1. Select the option as shown


2. Select the option as shown


3. Select the firmware file.


4. Click on the button (Upload the firmware).


5. Click the button to upgrade firmware again.


6. Starting the firmware to update, DON't power off the device when upgrading.


7. After upgrading, the router will restart successfully within 1-3 minutes.


8. When the router starts successfully, you need to re-set the router.


How to Install

To use router as home router, please connect it to modem with RJ45 ethernet cable or via Wireless connect.

Step 1: Enter in your internet browser (Default user name: root, Password: customize, WiFi Password : goodlife )

Step 2: Enter your account name and password obtained from your ISP( internet service provider)

Step 3: You can Surf internet now

If the above tutorial still don't understand, you can watch our video.