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How to install p910nd Printer Server on OPENWRT Firmware?

p910nd allow multiple printers through a socket connection to port 910n (where n=1, 2, 3 …). So, we can share more than one printer to OpenWrt.

In default, port number when you unplug and plug in different printers. The following configuration uses the Hotplug script to pair printers to designed ports. This allows multiple printers to be recognized, assigned ports based on the product ID, same ports assigned will resume when printers are connected/turned on. Works on both usb printer and parallel printer using serial to USB adapter.

Step 1. Make sure the printer has usb essentials or support for the parallel port

Step 2. Install support for printers in "Menu - Sofware":

opkg update

opkg install kmod-usb-printer kmod-lp luci-app-p910nd

Step 3. Plug in the printer, record VID and PID.

Step 4. Log in to OpenWrt -> service -> p910nd -> Printer server. Finish the configuration

Device = "/dev/Device name from the code above"
Port = Assigned port from the code above


Step 6. Reboot the router and test.