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How to enter the Uboot Web UI of GL.iNet Router

GLi router’s uboot has a web interface. In case you made something wrong with your firmware, you can eventually save your router by flashing the default firmware back using uboot WebUI.


The processes of entering the webUI for different routers are a little different, but almost the same.

The common procedure:

1. Connect only one cable to your router, and leave the other LAN port unconnected.

2. First, press and hold the Reset button firmly; then power on your device. (Obey the first and then procedure)

3. The LEDs will start to blink. Find the video for different routers below.

4. Release your fingers when you see the LEDs flash 5 times for AR150 and 6416. For MT300N and MT300A, the LEDs will flash 3 times and enter Uboot Web UI automatically.

5. Set your computer’s IP address to

6. User Firefox or Chrome to visit

7. Find your firmware and upload

8. Wait around 3 minutes. Don’t power down your device while upgrading.

Video for GL-AR150: https://youtu.be/vuMCaIub7K8

Video for GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A: https://youtu.be/RETQdRS1cLY 

Video for GL.iNet6416 and the complete process: https://youtu.be/-E8EvDnJq0c